Last week, I watched a sad movie, it was my friend asked me to watch, she said I must be touched. Then I was very curious and watched the movie The Legend of 1900. It told PARAJUMPERS JULIET a story about a man who grew up in the ship and never left there, he chose to destroyed with the ship at last. The man was named 1900 for he was born in that time, he had no parents and a man worked in the ship PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME nursed him.
After the man died in the accident, 1900 had to live by his own, he found he had great talent in playing piono. So he played for the guests and soon he got famous. The most impressive scene was 1900 accepted challenge from other piano artists. 1900 was a lonely boy, he never steped into the land, he gave up the girl he liked.
Nowadays, PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE more tourist sites are free to the tourists. As one of the hot sites that attracts people to visit, there is no doubt that this policy will bring more visitors. Going to the museum can broden horizon and enrich people’s minds. They can gain the knowledge from these cultural relics, which is much better than reading from textbooks. But at the same time, the large amount of people means challenge. More visitors will damage the cultural relics, for some will behave impolitely, they like to make some marks to remember the trip.
What’more, some precious relics will be stolen, as everyone can’t be supervised all the time. Free admission to museum allows more people to witness the historical materials. It needs everyone PARAJUMPERS JAKKE to behave themselves, so as to better preserve the precious data, and let more people have the chance to visit.

PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE the population and help the government

Census is very important for every country, it can tell the changes of PARAJUMPERS JULIET the population and help the government to carry out some policies. In America, the government counts the population every ten years and the latest census was in 2010. The results of the census show some changes in this country. First, the growth of the population is very slow. It is obvious that the more rich, the less children people want to have, because PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME they want to focus their energy on the career and when they have time, they would rather enjoy the personal hour. Second, the number of immigrants is increasing, which will become the majority of American population. What’s more, the immigrants give birth to children more than the local people do, so it has been predicted that in the future, the gene of blond hair and PARAJUMPERS JAKKE blue eyes will disappear.

Recently, a girl who was born after the year of 2000 showing a picture of her pregant image in Weibo. This teenage girl wrote down the words that she was busying giving birth to a child for her so called husband, who was also PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE a teenager. Soon this picture became the hot issue. People were so shocked by the girl’s young face, which looked so innocent and she was just no more than 16!Such a young girl surely did not have the ability to raise a kid, what’s more, they even did not figure out the meaning of responsibility.
The problem of family education was brought to the public again. The root of young pregancy lies in the parents’ caring. The lack of communication between parents and chidren is easy to have such problem. It is not appropriate to have baby at such early age.

PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE is no doubt that the one with foreign education

There PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE is no doubt that the one with foreign education is trend to be given more chances. But they still need to come the to final round in the job interview. The employers will ask them the questions and test their ability. It is nothing to do with the education.
When I was in primary school, my English teacher showed us a movie in the class. The story told about an ordinary girl turned out to be a princess and she had to learn how to be a princess. It was such a funny film, we laughed happily. I was so impressed by the actress Anne Hathaway, she was not only beautiful, but she was also played so well. Since then, I watch many of her films. Hathaway proves herself, she tells people that she is a good actress.
People are easily attracted by her perfect outlook and ignore her hard-working at the beginning, but now they have seen her ability. The movies that PARAJUMPERS JAKKE Hathaway plays are the hot movies, she is becoming more and more popular. Every time when PARAJUMPERS JULIET I see her new movie, PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE I will be very excited and she never lets her fans down.
Shan Zhai products are famous, it means the fake products. Some people like Shan Zhai products because they can buy them at the very low price. Actually, most people hate the fake products, for they want to buy the real ones, no matter how much money they need to pay. Fake products do harm to people, one the one hand, they waste people’s money. People are willing to spend money to buy the brand products, but when they find they use the money to buy the Shan Zhai products, how angry they are. It is unfair PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME to them. On the other hand, some fake products will kill people. Take the medicine for example. If the customers eat the fake medicine, then their bodies will not be healthy, even kill their lives. So we must pay attention to the products when we buy them.


When May comes, it means the golden week is coming. People will have a public holiday for three days’ off. Since the vacation of golden week has cut to three days, it still can’t stop people’s enthusiasm to travel. As China has the largest population and with the development of life level, a lot of people will choose to take a visit of the famous tourist sites.
Thus the problem comes, as people flock in the tourist sites, the appreciation of the beautiful scenery is no longer the visitors’ first concern, they need to consider their safety in the first place. Some people will be robbed by the thieves, and some will easily have argument with others, for the more people, the more conflicts. People travel to ease their mood and release their pressure. But the fact is that they will be annoyed. So the best way is to avoid the hot tourist sites. PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME
I like to see movies so much, especially the American movie. I am attracted by its high technology and its amazing plot. The Bible stories are always referred in PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE the movies, it is the common sense for the western people, while for Chinese, only few people have read the classical stories, so most of them don’t know the real meaning.
I decided to buy the book Bible Stories and read them one by one. At first, there were so many English names and it was hard for me to remember, but as I read further, I was very impressed by these stories. The book showed the readers the coming of the world PARAJUMPERS JULIET and the god would never PARAJUMPERS JAKKE abandon his people. The god also made many good rules for his people. I now understand the western culture and broaden my vision.

PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE needed someone else

Recently, a journalist who used to work in CCTV has made a record about the environment, the record called Under the Dome, it is about the air pollution. The journalist recorded the environment that PARAJUMPERS JAKKE we are living in, it is so bad and people have to live with it. The record has attached many people’s attention, they speak highly of the journalist, for she telling the true and having the courage to expose the truth, what she did will have great effect on the manufacturers.
The environment is polluted badly, in Beijing, people have to live with haze every year, sometimes the sand storm will attack people. It is people’s fault to make the environment be polluted, they should not chase the profit while taking the cost of polluting the environment. For our health and the development of the offspring, we should protect the environment.
I was used to do things by my own, because I did not like to cooperate with other person, for I thought it was so easy and quick for me to finish the job. But since I went to high school, I thought I could not PARAJUMPERS JULIET do things on my own any more, I PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE needed someone else’s help. Take the biology homework for example.
The teacher asked us to do some researches and then handed in the conclusion in the next class. It took me some time to finish the research, what’s more, I did not have enough time to do all the researches, so if I PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME cooperated with other students, we could share our researches and then made the overall conclusion. It not only saved my time, but also helped me to promote the communication with my classmate. Cooperation has the great power.

PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE believe that a call can solve all the things

The high technology brings isolation between people. Some people don’t often visit their parents and friends, for they PARAJUMPERS JULIET believe that a call can solve all the things. Communication in face to face is far more important than a call. It is time for some people to put down their smart phones for a while when they are communicating to others.

It has been long recognized that the population between men and women lost balance, especially in the future, PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE this problem will be more obvious. The result is that more men are thought to be the leftover men, which means being the bachelors. The root of this problem traces PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME back from the traditional culture.
In the old days, men were meant to everything, they were the most important person in the family. They raised the family, what’s more, it was believed PARAJUMPERS JAKKE that only men had the right to make a deal. So women were in the very low status, they did not make a big difference in the society.

PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE faces will change and lost the charm

No one can resist the natural regulation and their PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE faces will change and lost the charm. When a person is no longer young and beautiful, they can still be equipped with knowledge and experience. An old person is always respectable, for he gets widom as the time goes by, which can enlighten the young person. The appearance will fade aways, but the widom will gain and it is the most precious thing.

Many years ago, I learned that the sexy woman Marilyn Monroe was thought to be the most beautiful woman in the world, she had blond hair and the perfect body shape. Her image is believed to be the sexy image. The American young female actress Scarlett Johansson is believed to be the second Marilyn, for she is pretty and somehow looks like Marilyn.
The first time I saw Scarlett, I was so impressed by her sexy image, but Scarlett also has brain. She is a very smart and hard working girl. She has created many classic roles in the hot movies, which helps her get the reputation from all over the world. Many PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME people think the beauty is stupid, while Scarlett PARAJUMPERS JAKKE proves that beauty PARAJUMPERS JULIET is also talented. Now her career is such a great success, the films she plays always win the awards.


For every girl, they like to dress well and make themselves stand PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE out. According to the research, it is said that a woman will spend the time of six moths during PARAJUMPERS JAKKE her lifetime to dress themselves. The data seems to be astonishing, but thinking about my situation, then I will have no question about the research. Every morning, before my sister goes out for work, she is so confused about what to wear, the styles are so hard for her to decide.
Then she will turn to my help and asks me for idea. Actually, I don’t have idea at all, even I give her my opinion, but will be soon denied. Many of my friends have such problem, they need to figure out what kind of dress can make them look perfect before PARAJUMPERS JULIET they go out of the house.
Most girls like to make up at the early age, they want to look as perfect as the models PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME and attract the boys’ attention. Recently, an experiment was done by a group in London. They asked for some young girls not to make up for a week. A girl accepted the challenge and she had been making up since she was 12, it was such a hard decision for her to give up making up, she said it felt like being naked.
When her parents saw her, they asked her if she was sick. When the boys saw her, they just treated her as the strangers, which was very different from before. The girl felt annoyed, but she found that her skin was getting better once she took more sleep. Though the girl was 22, but her skin looked older for the hurting of the make up. We’d better not over make up.


In China, students have to study all the time, they need to take all kinds of important exams, their parents want their kids take the first place, so students bury their heads in the books. When talking about Chinese PARAJUMPERS JAKKE kids and foreign kids, it has been admitted that Chinese kids are good at exams, while foreign kids are good at hand work.
I think hand work is more important than the exam, students need to do some work to make themselves’ living. Chinese students need to join more activities, it can not only help them broaden their vision, but also can improve their overall quality. Besides getting high scores, students also need to learn to do some hand work, or they will become bookworms. Parents should not care so much about the exams, they should give the children more freedom, exam is not everything.
In Chinese old days, people’s marriage were decided by PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE their parents, so most couples haven’t met before they got married, as the development of the society, people ask for their freedom and rights to choose their lovers. So today, people PARAJUMPERS JULIET can choose their own lovers at their wills, but the divorce PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME rate is increasing every year.
More and more young couples get married very quickly, they believe in strong feelings and want to be together forever, as the time goes by, their conflicts can’t reconcile, so they have to end their marriage. In my opinion, marriage is not a joke, people need to get to know each other well before they marry. Lightning marriage is not a good choice, because it needs time to get to know others, to see whether the two people are suitable to live together. They should think twice before act.


Teenagers like to computer games PARAJUMPERS JAKKE so much, some even drop out of the PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE BLUE BLACK DAME class and they hang around the street, going to the Internet bar, and are immerged themselves in the PARAJUMPERS JULIET JAKKE computer games. As we all known, Internet bar is not a good place for teenagers to come. First, there are all kinds of people in that places.
It has been reported that many accidents have happened in the Internet bar, some people have fought each other and then cut people, even people died there. It is so dangerous. Second, as the teenagers are so innocent, they may be seduced by some bad people in the Internet bar, the teenagers may be adducted to other places and never come home again. Internet bar is not a safe place for teenagers, so they should learn protect themselves and stay away from it.
I still remember the first time to stand in front of the platform, it was two years ago, I was arranged by my headmaster to get my internship, I would go to the countryside to be a teacher. When I arrived at the school, at first, I did not get used to the environment, but after a week, I got used to it.
I was asked to teach the students English, I felt so never that night, I worried the PARAJUMPERS JULIET students wouldn’t listen to me. In the morning, I had to start my class, my feet seemed to hard to move on. When I went to the platform, all the students looked at me, I was so nervous, then I introduced myself, as I went further in the class, I found myself felt much more ease, the students cooperate with me, I felt more and more confident. I learned so much from my first time to stand in front of the platform.